how to get your crush to like you

Ask them to do you a small favor.

If they perform a minor act of service for you, they will unconsciously  associate feelings of approval and positivity with you, says Mario  Sinelmann, CEO and Dating Coach at Up Your Dating Game.

Share your flaws and imperfections.

Okay, you don’t have to mention that one time you threw up from eating  too many Hot Pockets, but you can totally talk about that weird dimple  that pops up when you smile.

Laugh at their jokes.

“The more we laugh with someone, the more we are drawn to them,” says Wyatt Fisher, PsyD, licensed psychologist and host of marriage podcast, Marriage Steps.

Be present on social media .

Post quirky photos of your outings or hobbies. To capture your crush's  attention, devote some of your Stories to the things—activities, music,  or memes—they love,

Watch a scary movie with them.

Adrenaline sometimes = attraction. “Putting your crush in fear-enhancing situations has the potential to make them like you

Carry a warm drink in your hand.

people tend to view those around them with more warmth when they have a hot drink in their hand,” says Mahalli.

Mimic what your crush is doing.

Yup, it's a thing called the Chameleon effect. “When you mimic someone’s  behavior, they think more favorably of you. It creates a connection,”  says licensed sex therapist Cheryl Cyr.

Wear the same colors they do.

“Notice what color clothes they wear most often, and then add some of those colors to your wardrobe,” says Cyr.

Pull tricks on them.

Ah, my personal favorite. No need to be mean or send them to the  hospital with a broken arm, but why not scare them every time they walk  into your apt? Totally fair game.

Find unusual similarities.

We are attracted to people we perceive as similar to  ourselves, and research suggests that attraction will increase if we  perceive our commonalities are rare or unusual,”

Don’t be afraid to get a lil touchy-feely.

“The occasional subtle touch enhances our feelings toward each other,  whether it be picking up an imaginary hair off a shoulder or a gentle  pat on the arm as you laugh at a joke,

12. Spend lots of time with them.

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